Ep. 621 Legacy Media Constraints and COVID Gaslighting Continues, with Bari Weiss, Nellie Bowles, and David Zweig

It’s Free Press day on The Megyn Kelly Show! Megyn Kelly is joined by Bari Weiss, founder and CEO of The Free Press, to talk about how legacy publications are failing, how The Free Press is home to open debate and conversation, whether the sexual revolution was good for women or not, conservative commentators’ reaction to a viral video of a young woman talking about being single, The Free Press breaking the story of a whistleblower at a gender clinic in St. Louis (and later having the reporting confirmed by The New York Times), and more. Then David Zweig, journalist for The Free Press and Silent Lunch on Substack, joins to discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci still misleading Americans about COVID-19, mask mandates coming back around the country, if the CDC is “gaslighting” us about the coronavirus, President Joe Biden back to masking again, the politicization of COVID-19 policy, Zweig’s interview with a former state department official who reveals a “cover up” on COVID-19 origins, why the media is ignoring this story, the truth about the new COVID ‘surge,’ and more. Finally, Free Press reporter Nellie Bowles joins to discuss the boundaries within legacy media, her experience at The New York Times, how she was about being targeted for associating with Weiss, why certain stories were not allowed to be covered, the media and left celebrating the transgender student who joined Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Wyoming, the media ignoring the discomfort of the sorority sisters and the allegations of inappropriate conduct, and more.