Ep. 618 Raising ‘Outdoor’ Kids and Overcoming Toxic Achievement Culture, with Steven Rinella and Jennifer Wallace

Today’s show is a deep dive on the challenges of parenting in our society today. First, Megyn is joined by Steven Rinella, author of Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars, to discuss the value of spending time with family outside, the importance of getting away from technology, the changes in how kids were raised in the 1970s vs. today, ways to approach a bear encounter and what to do in the very rare event of an attack, meat eaters getting targeted over climate change, supporting farmers and ranchers, reports the Biden administration has stopped funding hunting programs at schools, and more. Then, Jennifer Wallace, author of Never Enough, joins to discuss the pressures kids face when it comes to achievement in school, how the way kids are raised has changed, the societal pressures on kids and parents today, how to overcome toxic achievement culture, the importance of connection over achievement, mental health effects of putting pressure on our kids, the need for parents to model balance for their children, and more.