Ep. 616 Media Drools Over Trump’s Mug Shot and Vivek Ramaswamy Beats the Press, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus

Megyn is joined by Stu Burguiere, host of BlazeTV’s Stu Does America, and columnist and author Dave Marcus to discuss the reaction to former President Donald Trump’s mugshot photo, the potential for a Trump trial to start the day before Super Tuesday next March, CNN’s commentary on Trump surrendering, President Joe Biden immediately making jokes about Trump’s mugshot, why Americans should take Trump’s indictment seriously and how the GOP hopeful seems to be getting more serious himself, the poll numbers that are hard for conservatives to digest about Trump, the importance of what Trump’s defense will be, how Trump insults politicians but not voters, the details of the Jacksonville shooting, Gov. Ron DeSantis getting booed, why Americans should “put our parties aside” in the wake of tragedies, how different shootings across the country get different media coverage due to the perpetrator’s race, Vivek Ramaswamy’s comments aimed at the left and media about “neo-racism” and the KKK, Ramaswamy fighting back against CNN and NBC, the need to call out racism on the left and reject the default connection to the right, Ramaswamy’s bizarre January 6 comments, why Kayla Lemieux – the Canadian male shop teacher with the giant fake breasts – is back in the news, the difference between being accommodating and affirming, and more.