Ep. 611 Joe Biden’s Lack of Hawaii Empathy, Joe Enabling Hunter, and Cost of Social Media Addiction, with Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

Megyn is joined by Nicholas Kardaras, PhD, addiction expert and author of Digital Madness, to discuss President Joe Biden’s “forced” trip to Maui and “disgusting” response to the wildfires on the island, Biden’s lack of compassion, the optics of president’s vacation schedule amid the suffering in in Maui, stories of survival in Hawaii, aid for Hawaii vs. aid for Ukraine, the push to claim climate change led to the wildfires, the depths of Hunter Biden’s addiction, if President Biden helped enable his son’s addiction by having him do business with foreign countries immediately after rehab, Biden being “grossly irresponsible” politically and as a father, digital devices affecting the younger generation, the massive rise in ‘mental illness’ among young people, the challenges of parenting in this digital age and social climate, how Kardaras became addicted to drugs, the toll it had on his life, and him to get clean after overdosing, the new “flavor” of addiction called digital escapism, if “harm reduction” initiatives actually help addicts, and more.