Ep. 610 Sage Steele Speaks Out For First Time About Her ESPN Exit, Being Stabbed in the Back, and Fighting For What’s Right

Megyn is joined by former ESPN sportscaster Sage Steele for an exclusive interview about her exit from the network after 16 years, how she’s feeling in the wake of her lawsuit settlement, career highlights and lowlights at ESPN, the toxic work environment at the sports network, dealing with some of her female colleagues, her experience with Keith Olbermann, her decision to speak out about the COVID-19 vaccine mandate at Disney, the fallout that came from it, her comments about being biracial and former President Barack Obama, the true context of her remarks as it related to The View, how her own personal story about how her racial background defines who she is, the breaking point at ESPN, choosing to fight back and having the support of her kids, hypocrisy at the network when it comes to speaking out on current events and political issues, being stabbed in the back by colleagues, the emotional toll the lawsuit took on her, her decision to speak out on keeping biological men out of women’s sports, her parents and growing up as an Army brat, the lessons she learned as a child living around the world, and more.