Ep. 609 Menopause, Libido, and Childbirth: A Deep Dive on Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness, with Dr. Mary Jane Minkin

Megyn brings listeners and viewers a deep dive on women’s sexual health and wellness with Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a board certified OBGYN and clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine. They discuss women’s libido, the difference between desire, arousal, and dysfunction, how medical conditions could affect sexual drive, the effect relationships could have on a woman’s libido, why women don’t talk about their sexual health enough, the medical options to increase women’s libido, how testosterone works for women, the various medications that can decrease sex drive in women and men, the effect of antidepressants on women’s sexual desire, how age affects libido, how the birth control pill can affect women’s sex lives, causes of pain during intercourse, challenges related to orgasm, the HPV vaccine, sexual health after vaginal births, the benefits of kegel exercises and pelvic floor physical therapy (PF PT), how to know when you are in menopause and notable treatments for symptoms, the “erratic period” and how to regulate it, and more.