Ep. 603 NBC’s Failed Abortion Fact-Check, and Biden’s Gold Star Family Betrayal, with Rich Lowry and Michael Brendan Dougherty

Megyn is joined by Rich Lowry and Michael Brendan Dougherty of National Review to discuss the second anniversary of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, how the loved ones of servicemen and women killed are angry at the Biden administration for not taking responsibility, President Joe Biden’s personal betrayal of the Gold Star families, NBC News’ failed attempt to fact-check Gov. Ron DeSantis on abortion, the reality of Democrats’ positions on late-term abortion, how DeSantis is turning his attention to former President Donald Trump’s failed policies and nicknames, the moment of truth when Trump and DeSantis battle on a debate stage, Trump’s chances to beat Biden in the general election, Biden’s interview… with The Weather Channel, how Biden’s treatment of the military is hurting recruitment, Megan Rapinoe’s behavior in the aftermath of the USWNT’s loss to Sweden in the World Cup, new details about the COVID-19 origin story, an explosive report revealing how former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sister smeared his sexual harassment accusers, and more.