Ep. 601 Biden Corruption in Plain Sight, and Residents Fed Up With Crime, with Andrew Klavan, Alan Dershowitz, and More

Megyn is joined by Andrew Klavan, host of The Andrew Klavan Show on The Daily Wire, to talk about President Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice, the left and media using the indictments of former President Donald Trump to hide bad Biden news, Biden and Trump’s lack of popularity among voters, Gov. Ron DeSantis as an alternative to Trump, candidates aging out of their ability to serve, losing the culture and the forthcoming “cultural spring,” liberal women seeing the light in the culture wars, the continued downfall of Budweiser, Joe Rogan’s odd showing of support for Bud Light, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s very non-scientific comments about transgenderism, the performance of the GOP in Congress, the truth about January 6, and more. Then, Alan Dershowitz, author of Get Trump, joins to discuss why this third Trump indictment is a stretch of the law, Trump’s genuine belief that the election was stolen, the ill-suited judge on the case, how “criminalizing speech” relates to the case, and more. Finally, Bishop Bob Jackson and Seneca Scott of NAACP Oakland join to discuss why they’re speaking out about the crime in their city, Oakland’s soft-on-crime district attorney, the “luxury politics” that are leaving underserved communities behind, and more.