Ep. 599 Potential Biden Bribery Revelations, and Power of Faith, with Dennis Quaid, Peter Schweizer, Will Witt, and Caroline Downey

Megyn is joined by Peter Schweizer, host of The Drill Down, to talk about the explosive developments after Devon Archer’s closed-door testimony before Congress on Monday, what we’re learning about potential corruption by then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden related to Burisma and Ukraine, ridiculous spin from the media and Democrats when it comes to potential Biden bribery and corruption, and more. Plus, legendary actor Dennis Quaid, who now has a gospel album out called “Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners,” joins to discuss how he overcame his personal struggles through faith and music, the reason for making a gospel album for “sinners,” the state of our country, how the president is a “reflection of the people,” America’s promise and patriotism in our culture, the decline in church attendance and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected spirituality, Lindsay Lohan’s talent, his career accomplishments, the joy his wife brings him, the possibility of having more kids, and more. Finally, National Review’s Caroline Downey and The Florida Standard’s Will Witt join to discuss the U.S. women’s soccer team celebrating a 0-0 tie and barely making it out of group stage at the 2023 World Cup, the culture of mediocrity, a former USWNT superstar calling out the team, whether of not Dr. Anthony Fauci lied under oath about gain-of-function research, the problem with aging American politicians, and more.