Ep. 598 Hunter’s Buddy Testifies, Left’s Asian Discrimination, and Non-Woke Sports, with Josh Holmes, Jonathan Isaac, and Kenny Xu

Megyn is joined by Josh Holmes, co-host Ruthless, to talk about former Hunter Biden friend and business partner Devon Archer testifying before Congress today, the Department of Justice’s odd letter over the weekend about jailing Archer, new details emerging about Biden corruption, the Biden family finally acknowledging their seventh grandchild, the latest news about former President Donald Trump’s indictments, Trump potentially running for president from jail, and more. Then, NBA player and founder of values-based sports brand UNITUS Jonathan Isaac joins to discuss his new leisure and sportswear brand, the importance of family, faith and patriotic values, the scary story about LeBron James’ son Bronny James suffering cardiac arrest on the basketball court last week, the U.S. women’s soccer team refusing to sing the national anthem, young sports stars being ashamed of America despite making millions, and more. Then, Kenny Xu, author of School of Woke, joins to discuss his victory before the Supreme Court in the affirmative action case, the cultural tendency for Asian Americans to prioritize academic success, why merit should be the key admittance factor at elite universities institutions, how Asians are discriminated against by the left, polls showing the decline in trust in higher education, the status of legacy admissions in America, and more.