Ep. 597 Gov. Ron DeSantis on DOJ Corruption, Disney, and Pardoning Trump; Plus, Victor Davis Hanson on Hunter’s Sweetheart Near Deal

Megyn sits down with 2024 GOP presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for a wide-ranging interview about Hunter Biden and corruption at the Department of Justice, the health concerns about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Joe Biden, his recent comments about Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., his fight with Disney and whether his policies are government policing speech, “loyalty” and former President Donald Trump, whether he would pardon Trump, if Trump should have done things differently on January 6, trans athletes in women’s sports, if he supports a federal abortion ban, the state of the 2024 GOP race, whether he’s adjusting his media strategy, accusations about being ‘too establishment,’ whether DeSantis enjoys campaigning, media and left-wing attacks on his wife Casey DeSantis, how to fix our immigration and economic problems, and more. Then, Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Dying Citizen, joins to discuss the state of the DeSantis campaign and the 2024 presidential race, the glaring politicized double standard at the DOJ when it comes to prosecuting Trump vs. Hunter Biden, if the Biden family is terrified of the first son, Oakland residents speaking out about crime in the city and against progressive politics, and more.