Ep. 596 The Disturbing and Incredible True Story of Fake Cancer Survivor Amanda Riley (a.k.a. ‘Scamanda’), with Charlie Webster

Megyn is joined by journalist Charlie Webster, host of the hit true crime investigative podcast Scamanda, to discuss how Webster found the story, the massive reaction to the podcast, the sordid story of Amanda Riley and her ‘cancer’ journey detailed through her blog, how Riley is accused of swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars from friends and and family, the important background of her family, how she may have learned so much about cancer, the character Riley created, how she took advantage of people of faith, whether Riley’s husband knew about the fraud, if Riley actually believed her lies, how Riley actually stole much more than she was charged with, the incredible turn of events when Riley sued a journalist looking into her, Riley’s disturbing infiltration of cancer support groups, how Riley was caught and the lengthy prison sentence she received, how medical records work in America, a warning about online scams, and more.