Ep. 594 Disgusting Media Lies About Florida Curriculum and the Harms of Trans Extremism, with Oli London, Charles C.W. Cooke, and More

Megyn is joined by William B. Allen, PhD, a member of Florida’s African American History Standards Workgroup, to talk about the backlash Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis is receiving for its Black history and slavery curriculum, lies from Vice President Kamala Harris and so many others on the left and right about the controversy, how it’s important to listen to stories of those who have overcome slavery in the past, absurd attacks from the teacher’s unions, and more. Then, National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke joins to discuss the corporate media’s disgusting lies and dishonesty about the Florida slavery curriculum, political reasoning behind the attacks on DeSantis, what we’re learning about how President Joe Biden may have discussed Hunter Biden’s business dealings with him, the key way the White House is now shifting its messaging on the story, the possibilities of President Biden being impeached if these allegations were proven true, and more. Finally, Oli London, author of Gender Madness, joins to discuss his journey and struggle with identity in ‘woke’ culture, the bullying he endured that led him to want to go through dangerous surgeries, the effects of social media, how gender surgery can be a form of self-harm, Dr. Phil’s advice that he didn’t take, how rediscovering religion and God helped him stop pursuing additional gender reassignment surgeries, how he wants to be a positive influence for his social media followers, a trans New Hampshire state representative being arrested over inappropriate pictures of toddlers, Mr. Beast’s co-star publicly transitioning, and more.