Ep. 591 IRS Whistleblowers on Hunter Biden Investigation Roadblocks, Significance of Laptop, and Accusations of Political Bias

Megyn is joined for an exclusive interview by the IRS whistleblowers speaking out about Hunter and Joe Biden, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, to talk about Wednesday’s six-hour House Oversight Committee hearing, why they were “disappointed” by the way they were treated by the Democrats and some GOP representatives, their political affiliations and personal backgrounds as registered Democrats and Republicans, accusations by some of political bias, the roadblocks they faced from their bosses and the Department of Justice while investigating Hunter Biden’s finances and taxes, how these roadblocks were unique and different from past investigations, how Hunter Biden’s laptop was verified by the FBI right away despite the reporting on it, how the laptop story related to the IRS investigation, the relevance of the First Son’s WhatsApp messages, the exact timeline of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances and taxes, the importance of the April 2022 meeting revealing Hunter Biden’s tax “felonies” that were later ignored, how each agent was pushed out of the investigation, whether Attorney General Merrick Garland actually interfered with the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden, how Garland and Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss have changed their stories over time, how their lives have changed since coming forward, and more.