Ep. 590 Trans Activists’ Emotional Blackmail, Silencing Women, and Redefining Words to Win Arguments, with Helen Joyce

Megyn is joined by Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, to talk about how trans activists are changing the language to redefine women, the silencing of women’s safety concerns, the dangers of allowing the opposite sex into single-sex spaces, why all-gender spaces are actually less dangerous, how social media censorship is key to trans activism, the capture of children’s medical agencies in America, why political polarization in the United States makes the problem worse, the hypocrisy of trans Biden administration official Rachel Levine changing his tune on when people should transition, what autogynephilia is and how it relates to transgenderism, 2024 GOP presidential hopeful Asa Hutchinson’s misinformed statement about gender-affirming care, celebrities bragging about their “trans” and “queer” kids, the “emotional blackmail” on the issue of gender affirming care and suicide, and more.