Ep. 589 Another Trump Arrest Coming? Plus, Rich and Woke Politicians, with Chris Rufo, Matt Lewis, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis

Megyn begins the show with lawyers Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to discuss the breaking news about the possibility that former President Donald Trump is headed for another indictment and arrest in relation to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into January 6, what the potential charges might be, the public’s perception of the case, the left wanting this arrest more than any other, some GOP candidates starting to criticize Trump over these indictments, whether any of the Trump trials will take place before the election, and more. Then, Christopher Rufo, author of America’s Cultural Revolution, joins to discuss recent wins for those who want to protect kids from radical trans and DEI ideology, the best ways to take woke policies out of schools and corporations nationwide, former President Barack Obama’s public letter to librarians about “book bans,” the actual reality of the issue, how the American Library Association has been ideologically hijacked, Disney’s new Snow White movie replacing dwarves with non-dwarves, the latest disturbing gender surgery involving a ‘castration robot,’ and more. Then, Matt Lewis, author of Filthy Rich Politicians, joins to discuss how politicians are interested in growing their finances and cashing in, why Congress is not made up of working-class people anymore, the exact ways former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has made millions while in office, how this is a bipartisan issue, politicians who made stock trades based off the COVID-19 pandemic, how ‘The Squad’ is starting to get rich, and more