Ep. 588 Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Suspect and 2024 Third Party Spoiler, with Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Kimberley Strassel

Megyn begins the show by discussing her weekend at the Turning Point Action Conference in Florida where she met privately with former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson and announces Gov. Ron DeSantis will be coming on the program for an interview next week. Then, all-star lawyers Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh join for a Kelly’s Court panel to discuss the breaking news about an arrest in the Gilgo Beach serial killer cold case, the bizarre recent public appearances of the suspected murderer, Rex Heuermann, what we know about the investigation and how he was caught, Ray Epps’ decision to only sue Fox News for defamation, the details of what Carlson and others said about Epps working with the government, whether Britney Spears has a case against NBA rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama’s security team after an incident in Las Vegas, Kevin Costner’s contentious high profile divorce, and more. Then, Kimberley Strassel, author of The Biden Malaise, joins to discuss the lack of findings in the White House cocaine investigation, parallels between the Carter administration and the Biden administration, why President Joe Biden is actually worse than former President Jimmy Carter, the state of the 2024 GOP presidential race, whether Biden will actually be the Democratic nominee, the potential for a third party “No Labels” spoiler, whether America should be leading more in Ukraine, how Trump says he’ll end the war in 24 hours, Biden’s creepy moment with a little girl overseas, and more.