Ep. 587 No Cocaine Culprit, CNN’s Dylan Mulvaney Apology, and Biden Corruption Questions, with Michael Knowles and Margot Cleveland

Megyn is joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Daily Wire’s The Michael Knowles Show, to talk about the Secret Service telling Congress they don’t know – and will never know – who left the cocaine at the White House, how this is just another case of why it’s good to be a Biden or a Democrat, new reporting about President Joe Biden’s behavior toward his staff, the attempt to shift the narrative about President Biden ahead of the 2024 election, Hunter Biden’s artwork, whether former President Donald Trump should participate in next month’s GOP debate, Trump’s continually increasing poll numbers, Sen. Tim Scott getting more interest from donors, Vice President Kamala Harris’s latest bizarre comments about AI and machine learning, how Bud Light’s declining sales are hurting all Anheuser-Busch brands, the GOP’s shift from ‘freedom’ to ‘truth,’ CNN apologizing after a correspondent called trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney “he” and “him” on-air, Mulvaney’s offensive version of ‘girlhood,’ and more. Then, Margot Cleveland, senior legal correspondent for The Federalist, joins to discuss what we’re learning about Dr. Gal Luft’s Biden corruption allegations, the allegations against Luft, White House pretending not to know anything about the situation, the questions that still need to be answered about the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden, what the IRS whistleblowers may say next week, and more.