Ep. 586 Wray Pressed and Disney’s Declining Attendance, with Nikki Haley, Joe Pags, ‘Gays Against Groomers’

Megyn is joined by 2024 GOP presidential candidate and former governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley to discuss FBI Director Christopher Wray fielding questions before the House of Representatives today, why Haley believes Wray and others in the intelligence community need to go, how Americans have a lack of trust in our institutions, Ukraine trying to get into NATO, the best way to end Russia’s war with Ukraine, the Biden administration’s deference to China, her approach to gender ideology in schools, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ battle with Disney and how Haley would handle it differently, her plan to get her poll numbers up to compete with former President Donald Trump, and more. Then, radio host Joe Pags joins to react to Megyn’s interview with Haley, plus to discuss Biden family corruption, how Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) described the “nonconsensual nudes” found on the Hunter Biden laptop before Congress, why this line of questioning shows why Swalwell is a “moron,” Disney’s park attendance seeing a massive decline, brands going broke after going woke, Megan Rapinoe’s problem with Dave Chappelle and trans jokes leading to “violence,” Rapinoe pretending trans athletes aren’t an issue for biological women in sports, and more. Finally, Jaimee Michell and Chris Barrett, executives at Gays Against Groomers, join to discuss what led Michell to create this organization, why she was fed up with the activist left’s agenda, the diversity of the organization, Dylan Mulvaney escaping America in order to feel “safe,” the trendiness of ‘trans’ as opposed to the ‘LGB,’ Trump vs. DeSantis on trans and gender ideology, defining the term “grooming,” and more.