Ep. 583 Did Joe Biden Actually Exploit Hunter and Winning the Culture War, with Miranda Devine and Kirk Cameron

Megyn is joined by New York Post columnist and Laptop From Hell author Miranda Devine to discuss how the media is ignoring the video evidence of Dr. Gal Luft’s corruption allegations against the Biden family, how the FBI and corporate media attempted to suppress this story and others related to the Bidens, the carefully cultivated image of President Joe Biden as a family man, whether President Biden actually exploited and used Hunter Biden, the identity of Hunter’s alleged “One Eye” FBI mole, ongoing attacks on the IRS whistleblowers, potentially unethical reporting by The Washington Post, what we’re learning about the cocaine found in the White House, and more. Then, Kirk Cameron, author of Pride Comes Before the Fall, joins to talk about the American Library Association’s attempts to ban his book, the hypocrisy of the left in censoring faith-based books, the bizarre New York Times story about former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray’s separation, how ‘reform’ can ‘deform’ marriage, the heartbreaking story of the Biden family ignoring Hunter’s four-year-old daughter Navy, feminine hygiene brands referring to women as “menstruators,” lessons to break through woke culture, the disturbing rise of shark encounters this summer, and more.