Ep. 582 Explosive New Biden Corruption Allegations, Disney’s Woke Implosion, and White House Cocaine Update, with Charlie Kirk

Megyn is joined by Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA and host of The Charlie Kirk Show, to talk about explosive new allegations of potential Biden family corruption revealed by The New York Post involving Gal Luft, PhD, Luft’s claims about what he told the Department of Justice and FBI that they ignored, the clear double standard on display with the ‘deep state’ when it comes to treatment of the Bidens vs. former President Donald Trump, how most of the media ignores the stories about President Biden and Hunter Biden, Hunter’s lawyer smearing the IRS whistleblower, the possibility that we may never find out who left the cocaine at the White House, the major free speech ruling blocking the government and tech platforms from colluding in tech censorship, Disney losing $900 million after going woke, the fact that Sound of Freedom is number one at the box office against the new Indiana Jones movie and others, progressive Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and a LGBTQ+ activist berating the “language” of the right in the aftermath of the mass shooting on Monday, MSBNC host Joy Reid’s neuroticism, and more.