Ep. 580 Media Smears Asians and Muslims After SCOTUS Ruling and Violent Riots in France, with Mark Steyn and Darren Grimes

Megyn is joined by Mark Steyn, host of The Mark Steyn Show, to discuss the hysterical reaction from the left and the media to the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action, the media pushing the idea Asian Americans weren’t discriminated against in college admissions processes, NPR claiming it was actually white people who were pushing Asians to file the lawsuit, MSNBC host and former Biden administration official Jen Psaki claiming white Republicans are tricking Muslims into being anti-trans, Muslim parents in Maryland protesting the inability to opt-out of LGBTQ+ curriculum, the DeSantis campaign getting pushback from the right after attacking former President Donald Trump over LGBTQ+ issues, what’s behind the riots in France, and more. Then, GB News presenter Darren Grimes joins to discuss whether the violent French riots could spread throughout Europe, conservative British politician Nigel Farage getting ‘de-banked’ over his political views, climate activists clashing with LGBTQ+ activists at a Pride parade in London, the U.S. Department of Defense featuring a trans military member in PR efforts, the decline in military recruitment, what the Fourth of July means this year, and more.