Ep. 579 SCOTUS’ Historic Free Speech and Student Debt Decisions, with Charles C.W. Cooke, Judge Amul Thapar, Kristen Waggoner, and More

It’s another day of historic Supreme Court decisions. Megyn is joined by Judge Amul Thapar, author of The People’s Justice, and Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review to discuss the major rulings in favor the Colorado web designer who refused to make wedding websites for gay couples and against President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan – including how the First Amendment applies to the CO case, what the landmark decision means for free speech, the importance of separation of powers, hysterical reaction from MSNBC, why Justice Clarence Thomas has a “strong black voice,” Biden’s “normal court” comment, and more. Then, attorney Kristen Waggoner, CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, joins to talk about her client Lorie Smith’s victory in the web design case, how the use of pronouns can be ‘forced speech,’ what comes next for ADF, and more. Finally, Chicks on the Right hosts Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver join to discuss Dylan Mulvaney speaking out about the Bud Light “brand deal” for the first time, Bud Light’s “cowardice” and the problem when companies go woke, alleged sexual assaults in gender-neutral bathrooms, the latest on trans men in women’s prisons, how important it is to use your voice, and more.