Ep. 578 SCOTUS’ Seismic Affirmative Action Ruling and More, with Jason Riley, Heather Mac Donald, Carrie Prejean, and Britt Mayer

Megyn begins the show with the breaking news that the Supreme Court ruled to overturn affirmative action and race-based admissions for colleges. The Manhattan Institute’s Jason Riley, author of Maverick, and Heather Mac Donald, author of When Race Trumps Merit, join to discuss why it was the right decision, the majority opinions from Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice ClaranceThomas, the dissenting opinion from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the hysterical reaction from progressives in the media and Michelle Obama, smears and lies about the topic, and more. Then, Carrie Prejean Boller and Britt Mayer, founders and hosts of The Battle Cry, join to discuss California’s bill criminalizing parents who don’t affirm their child’s gender identity, the underwhelming apology from the trans influencer who got banned from the White House after flashing guests, Budweiser’s CEO refusing to apologize for the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney partnership, Pride Month lowlights, and more.