Ep. 577 Merrick Garland’s Potential Perjury and New Evidence in Idaho Murders Case, with Ric Grenell, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos

Megyn is joined by Ric Grenell, former acting director of National Intelligence, to talk about whether or not Attorney General Merrick Garland committed perjury in front of Congress, allegations by an IRS whistleblower about his attempts to interfere with investigations into Hunter Biden, new information that the supposed classified Iran documents are not involved in the indictment of former President Donald Trump, Trump’s new defense in response to the leaked audio tape, why former Trump administration officials are attacking him, Trump’s path to beat President Joe Biden in 2024, California state legislators walking out after Grenell received a Pride month honor, and more. Then, legendary attorneys Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos join for Kelly’s Court to discuss what we’re learning about crime scene evidence that ties Bryan Kohberger to the Idaho murders case, new details about the defense’s strategy, the potential for the death penalty, the likelihood of a new murder trial for the Menendez brothers, how a former Menudo boy band member plays into the case, a new charge against Daniel Penny in the New York City subway death of Jordan Neely, and more.