Ep. 574 What Happened to Missing Plane MH370: A ‘Megyn Kelly Show’ True Crime Special

‘Hot Crime Summer’ week on The Megyn Kelly Show concludes with an in-depth look at the story of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (a.k.a. MH370). Megyn is joined by journalist and aviation expert William Langewiesche to discuss what happened to the plane, what we know about the pilot and a potential motive, a shocking theory about what happened to the co-pilot, what likely happened to the passengers onboard before the plane crashed, what we know about the flight data and how the plane flew for hours, unsuccessful retrieval efforts, problems with the recent Netflix documentary, what was intentional vs. accidental about the incident, Malaysia and China’s roles in this, why passengers shouldn’t be worried about turbulence, the life of an aviation journalist and former pilot, and more.