Ep. 571 Jodi Arias Trial That Captivated America: A ‘Megyn Kelly Show’ True Crime Special

‘Hot Crime Summer’ week on The Megyn Kelly Show continues with a deep dive on the Jodi Arias trial and her murder of her ex-boyfriend. Megyn is joined by defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh to discuss the details of the case and the trial, what made America so riveted by her murder trial, the R-rated nature of the trial, Arias’ background, all the clear tells in Arias’ interview with Inside Edition that show she was lying, why the prosecutor did such a terrible job during cross-examination of Arias, the keys to a successful cross-examination, her confession on the stand, what might have made Arias snap, the horrific brutality of the crime, her sentencing manipulation, why the prosecutor and defense attorney were disbarred, what Arias’ life is like in prison, and more.