Ep. 569 Trump Indicted Again and Biden’s Burisma Connection, with Victor Davis Hanson, Charles C.W. Cooke, Alan Dershowitz, and More

Breaking news on two political fronts – former President Donald Trump’s second indictment and details connecting then-Vice President Joe Biden to Burisma. Megyn is joined by a group of all-star guests – Alan Dershowitz, Victor Davis Hanson, Charles C.W. Cooke, Arthur Aidala, and Dave Aronberg – to discuss it all, including the special counsel’s classified document federal indictment against Trump, the specific charges, the other person besides Trump who was charged, the challenge of proving ‘willfulness,’ why it may not matter whether the documents were classified or not, the Trump-appointed judge in charge of the case now, what we’re learning about where the Mar-a-Lago documents were located, the hypocrisy of the charges compared to what what Hillary Clinton did with her email server, the potential political fallout for Trump, FBI interference in our presidential elections, the latest information about Joe and Hunter Biden’s relation to Burisma, accusations that the then-VP ‘sold out the U.S.’ in a bribery scheme, his shocking answer when asked about the new revelations, the media reaction to both stories, what may happen next in each case, and more.