Ep. 567 CNN CEO’s Shock Firing and Trans Ideology in Schools and Sports, with Peachy Keenan, Steve Krakauer, and More

Megyn begins the show discussing the abrupt and shocking firing of CNN CEO Chris Licht today, and whether the network can salvage its brand, before bringing on Steve Krakauer, executive producer of The Megyn Kelly Show, to talk about how the ‘resistance’ inside CNN ruined the network and Licht’s tenure, whether Licht’s ego undermined his mission, how to get the brand’s reputation back, and more. Then, former high school athletes Chelsea Mitchell and Alanna Smith and attorney Kristen Waggoner of Alliance Defending Freedom join to talk about the status of the young women’s lawsuit over girls’ sports, the effect of transgender runners on high school athletics, and more. Then, Peachy Keenan, author of Domestic Terrorist, joins to talk about her decision to go public with her identity, being a conservative in deep blue California, how you know if you’re a ‘domestic extremist,’ balancing motherhood and a career, trans ideology seeping into elementary schools, how to fight and win the culture war, and more.