Ep. 566 Outrageous New Attacks on Casey DeSantis, CNN’s Whiny Newsroom, and Surviving Cancelation, with Jesse Kelly and Joseph Massey

Megyn begins the show addressing the recent profile in The Atlantic about CNN CEO Chris Licht, what Licht gets right about CNN’s problems, how he lost the newsroom full of whiners, and more. Then, Jesse Kelly, author of The Anti-Communist Manifesto, joins to discuss CNN’s identity crisis, why Jeff Zucker is to blame for the problems now, whether the right should employ “cancel culture” in response to the left’s cancel culture, if the progressive left can be reasoned with or should be ignored, trans ideology on college campuses today, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) trailing former President Donal Trump in the polls, how Trump’s indictments are helping him in the GOP race, the outrageous Daily Beast article on “The Walmart Melania” criticizing Casey DeSantis, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) taking on The View and the reality of victimhood in our culture today, and more. Finally, Joseph Massey, author of the book The Light of No Other Hour, joins to talk about his attempted cancelation, the attacks from within the poetry community, how he has recovered and built his life and career back, how pain helps his art, and more.