Ep. 565 Truth About the HPV Vaccine: A ‘Megyn Kelly Show’ Debate and Discussion with Dr. Kristen Walsh and Epidemiologist Allison Krug

Megyn is joined by pediatrician Kristen Walsh, MD, and epidemiologist Allison Krug for an in-depth discussion and debate about the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccine, including pros and cons to whether boys and girls should get the vaccine, silent symptoms of the virus, the reality of natural immunity, whether women need pap smears every year, the benefits of one dose of the shot compared to multiple, the “emotional blackmail” in Merck’s ads pushing its GARDASIL® vaccine, how long the HPV vaccine lasts, what trial data and studies show us, an active lawsuit now, the importance of women talking about these issues, whether boys and adults should get the vaccine, and more.