Ep. 564 Biden’s Alarming Fall, DeSantis Fires at Trump, and Not Using ‘Preferred Pronouns,’ with Rich Lowry and Jim Geraghty

Megyn begins the show with a monologue explaining why she is done using “preferred pronouns” and will base her conversations on trans ideology in “reality and truth,” how her own views on this issue have evolved, how Lia Thomas and then Riley Gaines changed the narrative for her, standing up for women, and more. Then, Rich Lowry and Jim Geraghty of National Review join to talk about the Glamour UK cover model who is a “pregnant trans man,” Bud Light’s massive marketing miscalculation, how the boycott became a brand rejection, whether there will be traditional GOP primary debates, a new Trump vs. DeSantis battle over Gov. Ron DeSantis’ last name, how Gov. DeSantis is approaching the media, President Joe Biden’s alarming fall and the implications for the Democrats in 2024, whether more indictments will help former President Donald Trump, the investigation into his classified documents, the massive profile in The Atlantic about the ‘new CNN,’ CNN’s big brand problem, and more.