Ep. 562 Budweiser’s Permanently Tarnished Brand, DeSantis’ Furry Battle, and Following the Culture War Money, with Adam Curry

Megyn is joined by Adam Curry, host of the No Agenda Show podcast, to talk about following the money when it comes to determining who benefits from culture wars, Target continuing to face massive backlash, whether Budweiser has permanently tarnished its brand, corporate interests winning while the public loses, whether the gay and lesbian community will speak out more about transgender ideology, an MLB player forced to make a public apology after supporting Target boycotts, a bizarre new defense of Vice President Kamala Harris’ rambling and repetitive speeches, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ‘furry’ battle in Florida, the difference between the actions of adults and kids, the completely new media ecosystem that bypasses the old gatekeepers, the importance of introducing children to religion, victim mentality on college campuses and in society at large, the new media talking point that Gov. DeSantis is more dangerous than former President Donald Trump, Tara Reade – the woman who accused President Joe Biden of sexual assault – defecting to Russia, and more.