Ep. 549 Biden’s Border Chaos, and Marine Charged in Subway Death, with Stephen Miller, Liz Wolfe, and Sara Gonzales

Megyn is joined by Stephen Miller, founder of America First Legal, to talk about the end of Title 42 and the dangerous consequences of an influx of migrants into America, how border policies transform a state’s political landscape, the true motivation of the activists driving the policy and what will happen now, the horrific realities facing migrant children and families, the reality of immigration ‘court,’ what’s happening in sanctuary cities, how the Trump administration handled the border and immigration, and more. Then, Liz Wolfe, associate editor of Reason magazine, and Sara Gonzales, host of BlazeTV’s The News and Why It Matters, join to talk about the Marine veteran charged with second-degree manslaughter in the New York City subway death of Jordan Neely, NY politicians changing their tune now that there’s been activist pushback, the rush to racialize the story, Hollywood celebrities like Charlize Theron’s raunchy drag queen ‘telethon,’ a Transformers cartoon pushing gender ideology, what’s behind the rise of trans ideology in our culture, the disturbing and misogynistic writing of a trans Pulitzer prize winner, and more.