Ep. 546 Leaked Tucker and DeSantis Videos and Taking Control of Our Health, with Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus, and Darin Olien

Megyn is joined by by Stu Burguiere, host of BlazeTV’s Stu Does America, and journalist Dave Marcus to talk about the latest leaked Media Matters video of Tucker Carlson about pronouns, the key information that reveals who is really behind the leaks, Fox News’ increasingly plummeting ratings, leaked video of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis prepping for a debate in 2018, the upcoming battle between Gov. DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, panicked reaction from Democrats and the media over dismal new poll numbers for President Joe Biden, whether California’s reparations plan will backfire on the left, and more. Then, Darin Olien, author of Fatal Conveniences, joins to talk about the fatal conveniences in our everyday life, the risks of fluoride and sunscreen, the benefits of alternative moisturizers like coconut oil, the harmful elements you need to look out for in your water, the daily run-ins you may have with harmful additives in everyday products, the pros and cons to animal protein, how we can take control of our health, and more.