Ep. 541 What New Leaked Tucker Carlson Videos Really Show and Met Gala Debauchery, with The Hodgetwins and Patrick Bet-David

Megyn begins the show by talking about the new Tucker Carlson videos leaked to Media Matters for America, who’s really behind the attempt to destroy the former Fox News host, and more. Then, The Hodgetwins, commentators and comedians, join to discuss how the Carlson videos actually make him look good, the trans cyclist winning women’s races, the Canadian shop teacher caught without his giant breasts, Roy Wood Jr.’s racist ‘jokes’ about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, debauchery at the Met Gala, Gabrielle Union’s misinformation about the Florida ‘don’t say gay’ bill, and more. Then, Patrick Bet-David, CEO of Valuetainment, joins to break news about his $100 million offer to Carlson, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ faulty marketing strategy, former President Donald Trump doing a town hall on CNN next week, President Joe Biden’s major faults, the need to be brave in our culture today, the challenges of parenting, and more.