Ep. 539 Fox News’ Post-Tucker Existential Crisis,and Brave Young Women Speaking Out, with Buck Sexton, Payton McNabb, and more

Megyn is joined by Buck Sexton, co-host of The Buck Sexton and Clay Travis Show, to talk about the massive viewer exodus at Fox News since Tucker Carlson’s firing, whether Fox News is in an existential crisis, if they need to bring Carlson back, Jimmy Kimmel trashing Carlson in absurd and unfunny ways, President Joe Biden not remembering he went to Ireland and his obvious cognitive decline, American Federation of Teachers union president Randi Weingarten’s lies about wanting schools open during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting called out on CNN for it, what was really behind Weingarten’s lockdown push, and more. Then, Payton McNabb, the high school volleyball player injured by a trans athlete and spokeswoman for the Independent Women’s Forum, joins to talk about the effects of her injury, what the trans player said recently to McNabb, what happened after spoke out, her activism, and more. Then, 14-year-old women’s rights activist ‘Brandubh‘ joins to talk about what led her to write and perform the poem “I Am Not A Dress” at a recent rally in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the indoctrination at her school that led her to speak out, the bullying she received, the contradictions of the trans movement, and more.