Ep. 537 Fox New Goes to War with Tucker Carlson and Fauci Pressed on His Lies, with Michael Brendan Dougherty and Noah Rothman

Megyn is joined for ‘National Review Day’ by senior writers Michael Brendan Dougherty and Noah Rothman to talk about how Fox News is going to war with Tucker Carlson, how the network is now trying to ruin Carlson’s reputation, the claim that he created a toxic work environment, why these stories are coming out now, Christianity as a potential element to this story, why Carlson is unable to respond to allegations, the disgusting nature of cable news, comparing ‘misinformation’ at Fox News and MSNBC, Dr. Anthony Fauci being pressed on lies about masks and more, finally admitting the truth about mask mandates, his outrageous COVID-19 origin spin, President Joe Biden’s age and The View demanding everyone get in line to support him, Vice President Kamala Harris saying a lot while literally saying nothing, Steven Spielberg admitting he shouldn’t have edited guns out of E.T., and more.