Ep. 535 Tucker Carlson Exits Fox News, Don Lemon Fired by CNN, with Glenn Beck, Glenn Greenwald, Rich Lowry, and More

Monday was a massive day for media news, with the announcements that Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox News and Don Lemon was fired by CNN. Megyn is joined by Glenn Beck, host of BlazeTV’s The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble’s System Update, Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, and Steve Krakauer, executive producer of The Megyn Kelly Show and author of Uncovered, to break down the stunning news that Carlson is leaving Fox News, whether it’s a reaction to the Dominion lawsuit settlement or Ray Epps on 60 Minutes, other potential lawsuits, what Carlson could do in independent media, who could potentially replace him at 8pm on Fox News, constant threats he and his family received, his unpredictable views and why it made him so valuable, and more. Plus, analysis on Lemon getting fired by CNN, why it appears to be a bad breakup, whether Lemon will now sue the network, reports about his diva and misogynist behavior, and more.