Ep. 534 Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures, the Rise of Woke Police, and the Value of Religion, with Niall Ferguson

Megyn is joined by Niall Ferguson, best-selling author and senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, to talk about President Joe Biden announcing he’s running for re-election next week, the Trump vs. DeSantis divide in the GOP, how the Republican presidential candidates are approaching the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the foreign policy successes of the Trump administration and failures of the Biden administration, the coming China-Taiwan showdown, why Megyn is paying for Twitter Blue and supporting Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter, the Biden administration’s virtue signaling policy-making, chilling of free speech by ‘woke police’ on college campuses, the University of Austin’s mission, the importance of religion and spirituality – even for non-believers, dating and marrying Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whether American institutions can withstand this woke revolution, and more. Plus, Megyn reads and responds to viewer emails in the latest edition of The MK Mail Bag.