Ep. 533 RFK, Jr. Announces Presidential Run and Actress Compares Christians to Taliban, with Alex Berenson, Isabel Brown, and Will Witt

Megyn is joined by Alex Berenson, editor of the Unreported Truths Substack, to talk about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announcing his presidential run and the media reaction to him and his wife Cheryl Hines, the status of Berenson’s lawsuit against the Biden administration, the state of the First Amendment, reporters very sad about the Fox News-Dominion settlement and the hypocrisy of the press, an update on the COVID mRNA shots and the massive changes in how the COVID ‘vaccines’ are being described now even by those who were big supporters, the Secretary of Education not being able to say what a woman is, Mehdi Hasan vs. Matt Taibbi and new reporting about Hasan’s history of plagiarism, and more. Then, Turning Point USA contributor Isabel Brown and The Florida Standard editor Will Witt join to discuss Sam Smith’s satanic performances, actress Patti LuPone comparing Christians to the Taliban, brave female ESPN anchors speaking out on behalf of biological women, Dylan Mulvaney’s rise to fame and whether there’s a pendulum swinging the other direction, Gen Z fighting back against woke ideology, the Tennessee Three getting invited to the White House, the obese influencer who wants a free airplane seat, and more.