Ep. 532 Trump vs. DeSantis Culture War and Sorority Trans Pledge Lawsuit, with Jeffrey Lord, Michael Duncan, Viva Frei, and Vinnie Politan

Megyn is joined by Michael Duncan, co-host of Ruthless, and political strategist Jeffrey Lord to discuss the culture war being waged between the Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis camps in the GOP field over Bud Light and the trans issue, the political relevance of how these topics affect kids, Trump as commentator vs. politician, the DeSantis ‘pudding fingers’ ad, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vs. President Joe Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary, if Preident Biden will run again, his obvious cognitive decline, and more. Then, Viva Frei, lawyer and YouTuber, and Vinnie Politan, lead anchor at Court TV, join to talk about the Fox News-Dominion settlement, the media’s insane reaction to it, the complicated case of Daniel Perry in Texas, Perry’s racist comments being uncovered now, University of Wyoming Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters suing over being forced to accept a trans pledge, the latest in the lawsuits involving Alec Baldwin for the Rust movie set shooting, and more.