Ep. 530 Bud Light Backlash Grows, Mr. Beast Fallout, and Race Trumping Merit, with Michael Knowles and Heather Mac Donald

Megyn is joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Show, to talk about Budweiser CEO’s non-apology over the Dylan Mulvaney-Bud Light campaign backlash, the corporate identity crisis, Bud Light transitioning to a new identity, Donald Trump Jr. defending Budweiser, the LGB vs. TQ in today’s society, James O’Keefe’s new video with Mulvaney, the left’s manipulation of language and whether to use preferred pronouns, a trans professor canceling on Knowles ahead of their debate, fallout for Mr. Beast in wake of co-star’s trans transformation, and more. Then, Heather Mac Donald, author of When Race Trumps Merit, joins to discuss colleges claiming ‘racism’ when their student body isn’t diverse enough, self-destructive ideology in some areas of the Black community, Black privilege vs. white privilege, a push to eliminate AP and honors classes in America, the elimination of merit when it comes to healthcare and medicine, getting rid of standards and merit in classical music and the arts, and more.