Ep. 529 Trans Ideology Harming Women, and Dangers of ‘Affirming’ Care, with Posie Parker, Cat Cattinson, and More

Megyn is joined by Kellie-Jay Keen (a.k.a. Posie Parker) founder of the group Standing For Women, to talk about how she got started talking about the issue of trans ideology publicly as a stay-at-home mother in 2018, why the United States is much more extreme on these issues than most of the rest of the world,  the rise of ‘trans widows,’ whether it’s appropriate to use preferred pronouns, how YouTuber Mr. Beast’s co-star Chris Tyson is publicly transitioning, Tyson’s disturbing tweets, Lia Thomas’ alleged autogynephilia fetish, and more. Then Joey Brite, executive producer of Affirmation Generation, joins the show along with detransitioner Cat Cattinson and therapist Stephanie Winn to discuss the dangers of gender affirming care, how sexual assault and struggling with sexuality can lead to gender dysphoria, how they’ve lost trust in the Democratic Party because of its radical transgender ideology, how money may be a motivating factor in promoting these beliefs, the effect testosterone can have on a person’s voice, and more.