Ep. 527 Activists Capturing Institutions, Censorship and Twitter Toxicity, and Woke Untruths, with Sam Harris

Megyn is joined by Sam Harris, host of the Making Sense podcast, to talk about leaving the toxicity of Twitter, how the middle gets attacked by both sides, partisans treating their opponents unfairly, his comments that went viral about former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden that caused Harris to step away from the spotlight, Trump’s narcissism and the importance of the peaceful transfer of power, the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop by tech platforms and the media in October 2020, moral panics today and from the past, Elon Musk skewering a BBC journalist, SFSU continuing to attack Riley Gaines, activists elevating Dylan Mulvaney, how the extremes of the transgender movement are influencing how people identify, woke untruths spreading and whether the pendulum is swinging back toward sanity, the Dalai Lama’s disturbing and bizarre interaction with a child, which Republicans Harris could support, and more.