Ep. 524 Truth About Tennessee Expulsions and Anti-Speech Activists on College Campuses, with Dennis Prager and Ian Haworth

Megyn is joined by Ian Haworth, columnist for The Washington Examiner, to talk about his encounter with angry protesters at a free speech event at SUNY Albany, the anti-speech activists on college campuses, and more. Then, Dennis Prager, host of The Dennis Prager Show and co-founder of PragerU, joins to talk about the coddling of children today, the attack on swimmer Riley Gaines by trans activists on a college campus, her bravery in standing up for the truth and speaking out, the two Tennessee lawmakers expelled after they interrupted proceedings with a bullhorn, the one white female lawmaker claiming it’s racism she wasn’t expelled, the political hypocrisy on this and other issues, whether leftists become cruel or cruelty is a sign of leftism, whether America is moving toward a Soviet-style country, the media covering for Florida activist Rebekah Jones, whose son was arrested for making threats about a school shooting, the left and media celebrating misleading reporting about SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, the fear of speaking out about trans ideology in our culture, the Biden administration trying to blame the Trump administration for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, a closing message about Good Friday, Easter, and Passover, and more.