Ep. 522 The Weak Case Against President Trump, with Rep. Byron Donalds, Arthur Aidala, Dave Aronberg, and Brad Smith

President Donald Trump has been arrested, arraigned, and we’ve finally seen the indictment. What did we find? Megyn explains how weak the case is against former President Donald Trump, before welcoming in legal experts Arthur Aidala, Dave Aronberg, and Brad Smith to talk about whether the whole case will get dismissed, the need to know what the underlying felony is, if a campaign finance violation is even applicable, whether the hush money payment could be proven to be trying to influence the election, the media circus inside and outside the courtroom, whether Michael Cohen could conceivably testify, Trump’s comments about the judge and district attorney, and more. Then, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) joins to talk about James Comey and the media’s glee about the arrest, Trump vs. Ron DeSantis in 2024, the hypocrisy of the treatment of Hillary Clinton compared to Trump, President Joe Biden smirking rather than commenting on the indictment, the Trump Department of Justice not going after Clinton politically, how Trump will use this prosecution to his political advantage, and more.