Ep. 519 Family Annihilators: Murdaugh, Watts, and More Men Who Murdered Their Families, with Laura Richards

Megyn is joined by Laura Richards, criminal behavioral analyst and host of Crime Analyst, to talk about the horrific topic of ‘family annihilators’ (men who murder their families), the prevalence of “coercive control,” the signs that Alex Murdaugh was a family annihilator, the way the Murdaugh family was above the law for so long, the way Murdaugh seemed to have it all together to the average person, the disturbing Chris Watts story, the way the Watts family dynamic shifted, major mistakes in Gabby Petito police stop, the shocking details of the Jeff MacDonald case, stalking and other signs of a potentially psychopathic man, victim-blaming over domestic violence, red flags and warning signs about men who may be potentially dangerous, tips for women, and more.