Ep. 516 Trans Activists Honored During Women’s History Month and Trump’s Potential Arrest, with Amala Ekpunobi and Evita Duffy

Megyn is joined by Amala Ekpunobi, host of Unapologetic Live, and Evita Duffy-Alfonso, writer for The Federalist, to discuss whether former President Donald Trump will be arrested in the days ahead, Trump’s latest comments about Bragg and January 6, Ron DeSantis vs. Trump when it comes to taking cultural risks and being charismatic, Trump’s new attacks on DeSantis, the media coming after DeSantis now, why DeSantis may be “scared” to come on The Megyn Kelly Show, Lia Thomas honored by ESPN for Women’s History Month, Vice President Kamala Harris avoiding all Republicans in honoring women, Dylan Mulvaney’s thirst for fame, how the trans athletes debate could evolve in the future, breaking news about a mass shooting in Nashville, and more.