Ep. 515 Who Is Idaho College Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger, with Howard Blum

Megyn is joined by bestselling author and journalist Howard Blum, who has been covering the Idaho college murders story very closely, to dive deep into whether suspect Bryan Kohberger is the killer in the Idaho college murders, how good the case against him is, the search for evidence against him now that he’s arrested, the mysterious actions of the surviving two roommates in the house, Kohberger’s background and how he sees himself, the disturbing writings attributed to Idaho college murders suspect Bryan Kohberger, what the term “visual snow” actually means, if Kohberger might be a psychopath or sociopath, the surveillance mistakes the FBI potentially made while tracking Kohberger, possible missteps by police in gathering evidence, what we know now about what was found in Kohberger’s car and parents’ home, whether Kohberger might take the stand in his trial, what the city of Moscow, ID, is like, and more.